Design an Open Source Module for the Propeller Platform & Win!

1st Place : Gadget Gangster Full Kit (parallax) / Nook Color (gg)
2nd Place: Multicore Startup Special (parallax) / Gadget Gangster T-Shirt (gg)
3rd Place: El' Jugador (parallax) / Propeller Platform Kit (signed by Jon Williams) (gg)

30% community participation: Entrants are expected to help others and contribute design ideas on the forums or Object Exchange and use community resources.

How to: Start a thread for your project. (If you haven't done so already) Post a link to that thread in this one with your intent to enter the contest. Allow your project to develop publicly, working with other forum members to fine tune your design and code. Keep old designs and code in the thread so that we may track your progress and learn from it.

25% capabilities & design appropriateness: External hardware should build upon the capabilities of the Propeller Platform, maintaining compatibility with the existing configuration.

How to: Both the original Propeller Platform & Propeller Platform USB are considered fair game. As well as any compatible board. Understand that the Propeller Platform USB will be the most common, so if you are producing a product which might shared or sold, keep the onboard SD adapter in mind.

25% usefulness: The entry should be useful to others.

20% success easy to duplicate: All designs should be open source providing schematic, code, and PCB layout files (if possible).

How to: Not understanding how to use a schematic tool, or PCB layout software won't throw you out of the contest. Document your work as much as possible, as plainly as possible. Provide videos if possible. Make your project as easy for someone to replicate as you can. Involve others who can help you in these areas if possible. (Community involvement is part of your score.)
Visit forums for details!